signature for offices
Hand drawing (such as signature) is compatible with MS Office, Libra Office, Acrobat Reader signing, Thunderbird and more ...
smartphone input methods for PC
Hand written, Keyboard typing, Speech-to-Text input methods send text to all Windows applications.
Full features API for embedded systems, such as kiosk, vending mcahine. Let data input easy for self-service applications.


Network Infrastructure

world map
Growing Global Network Built for Fast Response Time
Initial 4 datacenters serve for golbal users : Hong Kong, Netherlands, Taiwan, US


QRCode for pairing between computer and smartphone
Launch PhoneINPUT, use Smart phone scan the QRCode for pairing
phoneINPUT drawing page
Free-hand drawing, press    send to computer
Input text in the textarea, press    send to computer

Developer Zone

For embedded system integration, API playground    is used to study, develop & testing. You may try it now if your browser & PhoneINPUT are running in same computer.


Windows logo  Windows 32 bit (Version 3.3.346) Windows logo  Windows 64 bit (Version 3.3.346)
Download URL File Size Release Date Virus Scanned Results Download URL File Size Release Date Virus Scanned Results
English Setup Package phoneINPUT_en_386-Setup.exe 4366217 1578312022723 virustotal logo phoneINPUT_en_amd64-Setup.exe 4527460 1578312023837 virustotal logo
Portable Version phoneINPUT_en_386.zip 3899618 1578312031773 virustotal logo phoneINPUT_en_amd64.zip 4081485 1578312034311 virustotal logo
Chinese Simplified Setup Package phoneINPUT_zh-Hans_386-Setup.exe 4367430 1578312023317 virustotal logo phoneINPUT_zh-Hans_amd64-Setup.exe 4531482 1578312024194 virustotal logo
Portable Version phoneINPUT_zh-Hans_386.zip 3899623 1578312031884 virustotal logo phoneINPUT_zh-Hans_amd64.zip 4081498 1578312034634 virustotal logo
Chinese Traditional Setup Package phoneINPUT_zh-Hant_386-Setup.exe 4366355 1578312023225 virustotal logo phoneINPUT_zh-Hant_amd64-Setup.exe 4528116 1578312023933 virustotal logo
Portable Version phoneINPUT_zh-Hant_386.zip 3899624 1578312031926 virustotal logo phoneINPUT_zh-Hant_amd64.zip 4081498 1578312034632 virustotal logo

Pricing (USD)


$ 0 / mo

  • Free 1 hour per day 4
  • Free 30 KB Bandwidth per day 1
  • No register necessary

Free Download & Use now


$ 1.39 / mo

  • no time limit
  • Free 200 KB Bandwidth per day 1
  • Priority email support

Device (s)  3


$ 13.99 / yr

  • no time limit
  • Free 200 KB Bandwidth per day 1
  • Priority email support
  • Waive transaction fee 2
Device (s)  3
It's Public Beta. Subscription is not available ! Please submit Bugs or Improvement to [email protected]
4 During Beta period, FREE 4 hours per day !

1 Data transmission usage between your computer, smartphone and datacenter. It counts Drawing Data Only which not count text typing & system data.
2 Transaction Fee ( Transaction amount x 3.4% + $ 0.3 ) is received by payment gateway
3 Devices are computers, notebooks, windows-based tablets or other Microsoft Windows platforms. SmartPhone side is not be counted.


Microsoft Windows 7, 8, 8.1, 10, Server 2008 R2, 2012, 2012 R2, 2016, 2019
10MB Storage, 50MB RAM